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Pilates & Yoga at The Key Studio, transform you from a newbie with reduced activity and health problems to someone embracing a life of mobility, flexibility, relaxation and strength.


Get support from The Key Studio for progress, not perfection, we will keep you focused and achieving your goals.

A hectic life? Pilates and yoga are perfect for improving strength, back pain and supporting your health.  Sleep better, feel more relaxed, less stressed and finally feel freedom from a lack of mobility that you have dealt with before. 

Classes from The Studio @ The Key

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Our In House Teachers

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Why is The Key Studio Good For You?

Regular Classes

Our classes will provide you with the knowledge, experience and help so you can develop the physical strength and skills to practice your chosen method while enhancing your quality of life.

Try new classes and styles

We embrace patience, practice and peace. We will help you improve session by session. Improving your health has to be your choice. Make that choice with The Key and choose from our varied Yoga and Pilates classes.

Feel Good

Being involved in smaller group classes for both pilates and yoga can help you to develop confidence and feel secure in a group of people who are on the same wellness journey.

Pay Per Class

Unable to commit to our problem. Pay per class and fit your Health and Wellness around your busy life

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